Everything about Won Kok Restaurant in Los Angeles

Won Kok Restaurant: A Hidden Gem for Dim Sum Lovers

Won Kok Restaurant is a no-frills mom-and-pop establishment located in the heart of Chinatown, Los Angeles.

This hidden gem offers round-the-clock dim sum at hard-to-beat prices.

Forget the grand banquet halls and extravagant chandeliers Won Kok is the quintessential hole-in-the-wall spot for dim sum enthusiasts.

Pan-fried Noodles & Traditional Chinese Dishes: In addition to dim sum, Won Kok also offers pan-fried noodles and other traditional Chinese dishes.

Whether you’re craving dumplings or savory noodles, they’ve got you covered.

What Makes Won Kok Special?

  • Dim Sum Anytime: Won Kok understands an ancient, essential truth: there’s never a bad time for dim sum. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or late at night, they’ve got you covered. The restaurant is open from 9 am to 9 pm daily, ensuring that you can satisfy your dim sum cravings whenever they strike.
  • Steamed Buns, Sesame Balls, and More: Won Kok serves up all the classics—steamed buns, sesame balls, and gorgeous yellow custards. You can either order at the window and take a box to go or snag a seat in their casual dining room.
  • Affordable Prices: If you’re looking for quality dim sum without breaking the bank, Won Kok is the place to be. Their prices are hard to beat, making it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.
  • Service Options:
    • Delivery: Enjoy Won Kok’s delicious offerings from the comfort of your home.
    • Takeout: Grab your favorite dim sum items to-go.
    • Dine-in: Experience the cozy atmosphere of their casual dining room.
  • Crowd and Atmosphere:
    • Casual and Trendy: Won Kok attracts a diverse crowd, including college students, groups, and tourists.

Dim Sum!

Whether you’re a seasoned dim sum aficionado or a curious first-timer, Won Kok’s unpretentious atmosphere and delicious offerings are sure to win you over.

Remember, sometimes the best culinary experiences come from the most unassuming places.

Won Kok Restaurant is proof of that!

So next time you’re in Chinatown LA, don’t miss the chance to experience this beloved spot.

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