Everything about Tampico Refresqueria

Tampico Refresqueria: A Refreshing Oasis in Houston

Tampico Refresqueria is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Houston.

Known for its delightful raspas (snow cones) and licuados (fruit shakes), this vibrant spot offers a refreshing escape from the Texas heat.

Tampico Refresqueria

A Taste of Tradition

At Tampico, we honor tradition while infusing it with our own flair. Here’s what makes us special:

  1. Raspas Galore: Our snow cones come in a rainbow of flavors—tamarind, mango, strawberry, and more. Each spoonful transports you to a summer day by the beach.
  2. Licuados Love: Our fruit shakes are a symphony of ripe fruits blended to perfection. From creamy banana to zesty pineapple, there’s a licuado for every palate.
  3. Community Vibes: Tampico isn’t just a refresqueria; it’s a gathering place. Families, friends, and neighbors converge here to beat the heat and share stories.

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