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Russian Tea Time in Chicago

Russian Tea Time Restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Chicago, specifically in the Loop area.

For over 25 years, it has been delighting guests with its diverse menu inspired by the former Soviet Union Republics.

Russian Tea Time Restaurant-Chicago

Here are some key details about the Russian Tea Time Restaurant:


Cuisine and Signature Dishes:

    • The restaurant offers a variety of dishes from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
    • Some of their signature dishes include:
      • Pelmeni: Russian meat dumplings.
      • Borscht: A traditional Ukrainian soup made with beets.
      • Russian Blinis: Thin Russian pancakes.
      • Caviar: A delicacy often associated with Russian cuisine.

☕ Afternoon Tea Service:

    • Russian Tea Time provides an afternoon tea service daily.
    • Guests can enjoy this experience in a cozy environment with hospitable staff.

Vegetarian Options:

    • Vegetarian guests will find an extensive assortment of vegetarian dishes.
    • Notable vegetarian options include the Tashkent Carrot SaladEggplant SaladBeet Caviar, and Cabbage Rolls.


    • The restaurant features rich mahogany and birch wood finishes.
    • Brass samovars add to the traditional atmosphere.
    • Heart-warming classical music plays in the background.

Special Diets:

    • The restaurant caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Whether you’re craving traditional Russian cuisine or simply want to experience a cozy tea service, Russian Tea Time Restaurant is a delightful choice in Chicago.

Feel free to explore their menu and enjoy the flavors of Eastern Europe!

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