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The BCD Tofu House story begins with Hee Sook Lee, a first-generation Korean immigrant who had a deep love for cooking and sharing meals with her family. Her mother-in-law owned a restaurant in Bukchang Dong, a district in Korea from which BCD derives its name.

It was at this restaurant that Mrs. Lee received her early training in the Korean food industry.

After immigrating to America, Mrs. Lee chose to focus on Soon Tofu among thousands of other Korean foods, due to its superb taste and health benefits.

Tradition and legacy is poured into every bowl at BCD Tofu.

She was drawn to its superb taste and health benefits.

With a vision of success in America, Mrs. Lee embarked on her culinary journey, building her dream one bowl at a time.

Her legacy lives on through the dedicated efforts of her hardworking staff, who faithfully uphold her traditions and meticulously follow her secret recipes in every meal they serve.

What began as a single location in Koreatown, Los Angeles in 1996, has now blossomed into over 11 branches of BCD, each independently run with great care by Mrs. Lee’s family and her loyal staff.

Her unwavering commitment to perfection in her craft, along with her closely guarded recipes, continues to be honored to this day.

BCD was born out of a passion to share Korea’s wonderful cuisine with the world, and under Mrs. Lee’s visionary leadership, it remains dedicated to taste, health, and food quality.

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